14 March, 2012

The Dream-Hunter: An Adult Book Review

Blogger's note: I also finished If I Stay by Gayle Forman, but I don't have my copy with me to choose my quotes from, so the written review will ha to wait. The video review is up no at The Bookish Belles. Also, there are a lot of quotes from this one. I couldn't choose only two!
"What mattered most was the present, and that was what he focused on. Always."
        - Sherrilyn Kenyon - The Dream-Hunter

"Feel? Why would anyone in their right mind wish for that? Feelings are for fools."
        - Sherrilyn Kenyon - The Dream-Hunter

"Geary had never been aroused, amused, and highly offended all at the same time before."
        - Sherrilyn Kenyon - The Dream-Hunter

"The key to humanity is simple. Life your life with purpose."
        - Sherrilyn Kenyon - The Dream-Hunter

The Dream-Hunter (Dark-Hunter, #10; Dream-Hunter, #1)

For my first Adult Romance in a while, this book was absolutely perfect! I really enjoyed it. Sherrilyn Kenyon is one of my favorite romance authors, and she's wrten a YA! Excitement abounds! I really like the new myths she's added into the mythology of Ancient Greece.

Summary: Arik is a Skotos, cursed by the gods to have no emotion and to feed off the emotions in the dreams of human. He has spent his life drifting from dream to dream looking for the emotions to make him feel alive.
Meageara hated her father's hunt as a child, but when he's on his death bed, she swears she'll carry on the quest and clear his name. A hollow promise then has become her life's purpose. She searches for Atlantis, keeping a stern, strong air in the patriarchal society of academia.
In her dreams, Geary can let go. She can be herself in all her fears, doubts, happiness, and sexuality. A man takes the place of her sexual fantasy. But only in her dreams, until Geary finds him floating in the sea near her research vessel. A man stepped straight for her dreams with a promise to make her lifes work come true.
Will Geary let go and trust her dream lover? Does he deserve to be trusted?

Characters: I really love the characters. Arik is so beautiful and has an almost childish ignorance about the human world, but dry humor doen't escape him. The otehr Skotos I adore is Solin. He's cold and amazingly sweet and humorous. Meageara is a good, likeable character. She's a strong woman, which by now I'm sure you know I love. She doesn't just fall into Arik's arms (or bed) the moment he arrives and promises to make her dreams come true (erotic and otherwise). My favrite characters are Kat and Persephone. Kat is a major part of the story but you'll have to read it to see why I like her. Persephone is actually only a very small part towards the end, but I find her adorable! She is understanding and a good balancing act for the "cold" god Hades.

Plot: I really liked the plot. There isn't a lot of sexual scenes, but the few are done well and tastefully. I like that there aren't many sex scenes. Through out the book, especially when seeing Arik's point of view, about erotic ideas and thoughts, but it doesn't take away from the plot. There is a lot of action that I really enjoyed. My favorite thing about this book is that the book isn't about sex, it's about Meageara, Arik, Gods, Goddesses, Atlantis, a quest, and consequences.

Recommendation: I would say that I  suggest this one to anyone who likes Adult paranormal romances. This certainly isn't one I'd suggest for anyone under 17, at the youngest. Like I said, don't expect a lot of erotic scenes, expect some, but expects a lot of action and dry humor.

I would say this book is a Unputdownable.
(Check out the "The System" tag to see what that means.)

Have you read this, or any other of Ms. Kenyon's books? What did you think?

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