09 March, 2012

Book Review Back Dating: A Logistical Update

I currently have 14 book reviews that I've written in the past posted on my previous book blog.
I think I'll be uploading and back dating those reviews today or next week. I may begin linking to each review on the sidebar. I will also say that the quality of these reviews may not be the best because they are from various times in my life. I may re-review them later, mainly just by editing these reviews I currently have. My opinion of the books (recommendations, thoughts, etc.) have not changed.
I just wanted to explain to you what I am doing and what that means for this blog.

Also, I have begun making video reviews on my book vlog collab, so I will link that below. I mostly only post once a week, so this blog or the collab tumblr are better to actually keep up with me.

Bookish Belles Vlog Collab
Bookish Belles Tumblr
Personal Tumblr
Personal Vlog Channel

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